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Packaging Design – Build your Geraiku Store

Packaging Design

Improve your Product Packaging with Geraiku, Free for Small Medium Business owners.

Free? Yes, Geraiku provides free packaging design consultation that include branding of your product designed to be produce at scale and shelves ready.

Our design team will curate the product based on our criteria and select the ones that we will be designing. Feel free to browse our past and current packaging design portfolio.


Packaging Design benefits for SMB

  1. Your product becomes more appealing to the end consumer.
  2. Detailed information of your product is presented well and clearly to increase trust towards your brand.
  3. Product is more professional and modern market ready.

Packaging Design Business Model for SMB

  1. For SMB there is no charge for packaging and branding design.
  2. Apply only to singular product, additional product line may incur cost.
  3. Design royalty is burden to the end product and deducted for every product sold.
  4. Producer and brand owner cover the actual packaging production cost.
  5. Geraiku Design team will prepare production ready design and art-work that include green material recommendation that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  6. Geraiku has the distribution rights of your product through its sales channels that include online as well as through Geraiku’s network of stores.

Packaging Design partnership duration with Geraiku

  1. Minimal durasi kerjasama untuk disain logo dan kemasan yang digunakan produsen adalah 3 (tiga) tahun sejak disain diserahkan dan siap produksi.
  2. Nilai royalti atas disain ditentukan bersama dan disepakati para pihak.
  3. Jika produk berhenti berproduksi atau dihentikan, maka Geraiku memiliki hak penuh atas merek dari produk tersebut.